A little column here and little blog there

Written by Jamie Cuthill

January 30, 2009 | 13:27

Tags: #blog #code #development #site-news

Companies: #bit-tech

It must be over a year since the editorial team first made noises about a blog on the site and as much as I loved the digs asking "Where's our blog?" and "If we had a blog...", I was elbow deep in more urgent projects.

Fast forward to the Dennis acquisition at the end of 2008 and one path they were keen to take the site down was the creation of bit-tech blogs. Having tied up the loose ends I was currently working on at the end of 2008, I moved into the Dennis tower of London to start working on this very blog you are reading now.

I'm sure Tim will be introducing you to the wonderful insights you can expect to find on these pages but I'm here to explain a little about the format.[break]

Firstly you will find that we have included columns in the blog index but they will click through to the column format. This is to ensure you don't miss our columns as they are published as the 'Columns' navigation button has changed to 'Blog'. There is however a tab at the top of this page which you can click to view the old Columns index.

As you can expect from a blog each post is tagged and there is a funky tag cloud on the right of the page. You can also find a list of the top blog authors and archives for the previous 12 months. When viewing the entire blog post you will also be able to find the ten most recent blog posts on the right.

Going forward we will be introducing more blogs with a particular theme or topic (eg. Podcasts, or blogs from third parties). These will appear as tabs in the sub navigation at the top of this page. Those blogs will have their own tag clouds, author lists and archives. Posts in these sub blogs will also appear on the main blog index.

Commenting on blogs is handled just like it is on our news. All the comments will appear below a post in chronological order. You can comment on posts from the forums or directly from the bottom of the blog post page. Please don't hesitate to point out any bugs you come across!
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