Modding and hello!

Written by Antony Leather

February 23, 2009 | 11:22

Tags: #forum

Actually that should probably be the other way round as I’d first like to say greetings to the bit-tech community! I’m Antony Leather and like Mark who blogged recently, I also joined the Custom PC team in June of last year.

Unlike Mark though, I wasn’t in IT or system building prior to starting at Custom. Instead, the last few years have seen me come very close to becoming a pilot in the forces, then in to housing development of all things. However, my evenings and weekends were spent gaming (mainly FPS and flight sims), overclocking, modding and building a range of water-cooled PCs and I was also the Custom PC forum water-cooling guru for my sins.
I’ve admired bit-tech from afar being a modder at heart and I’ve been in awe of the projects you guys have posted over the years. Which leads me on to the future of modding at bit-tech which will be even more interesting.

Richard and I are working on ways to better support the bit-tech modding community with a greater emphasis on Mod of the Month and, well, modding in general really! In particular I’ll be scouring the forums for the latest talent with the aim of increasing the time and space we dedicate to your projects and to bring more consistency too. If all goes swimmingly we’ll be able to offer bigger, better prizes and sponsorship. I’ll also be searching far and wide to report on mods from other forums too.

So, there’s never been a better time to grab that Dremel or hole saw! I’d also like to hear about any ideas you have for boosting our modding scene – what do you want to see and how we might go about giving you more support. Also what mods do you have in the pipeline? Whether it’s a totally custom case design like Chiaroscuro or if you’re modding an existing case like StackArt, feel free to drop me a line...
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