Bit-tech on the BBC

Written by Clive Webster

December 11, 2009 | 11:05

Tags: #discussion #netbook #show

Companies: #bbc #dell

The other night I popped over to the BBC’s Television Centre to record a discussion about how the PC is being seen less and less as a general-purpose machine and how people are buying computers for certain specific uses. The obvious example is the netbook – a basic computer that’s only good for a limited range of uses. The host and I listened to a guy from Dell explain what he thinks is happening to the demand from computer buyers, and what Dell is doing to address that.[break]

The chat will be part of the Up All Night show on Radio 5 Live this Saturday. As the title suggests, the show is on fairly late in the night – between 1am and 5am – but you can always tune in later via the catchup site or BBC’s brilliant iPlayer if you’re in the UK. Either way, listen in and let us know what you think of what was said in the comments thread below.
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