Download The CustomPC Media Benchmarks Here

Written by Clive Webster

October 26, 2009 | 11:30

Tags: #custompc #download

Companies: #test

A couple years ago, CustomPC made its own suite of benchmarks to test motherboards, PCs, laptops and so on. We wanted to create a set of tests which aped how people use their PCs and would show the benefits (or not) of faster hardware and overclocking in a way that was relevant to real-world use.

One of the most important elements, apart from the obvious stuff above, was that the benchmark suite must be distributable and completely self-contained. We've therefore used Open Source applications, all of which install into a standard folder (with no entries into the Registry, or links to any OS services or applications). This means that you can download the benchmarks, install them and run them without any outside influences from OS updates and so forth.
Because of this, you can download the Media Benchmarks, run them on your system and see how it compares to the kit we're reviewing. You can also see just what effects an upgrade or an overclock has on your system. That's kinda handy, no?

This blog post is more about having a useful way for you (and us) to find a download link for these benchmarks than for any actual discussion, but we hope you find the fact that you can run the same benchmarks that we use useful. Enjoy!
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