Gamecast 01 - Aliens versus Predator

Written by Podcast

February 15, 2010 | 15:05

Tags: #aliens-versus-predator #avp #gamecast #video

It's a bit-tech and Custom PC gaming podcast with a difference - video! Of a game! Making it a Gamecast!

In this first Gamecast, Harry and Joe take a look at the brand new, ultra-violent Aliens versus Predator game.
Rather than a conventional video review, we've opted simply to record some footage of the game - the first nine minutes of the Predator campaign - with Harry and Joe offering some commentary on the action. Be warned though, it's very violent stuff - this is an 18 certificate game.

Make sure you check out the full review, both for more coverage of the game, and the ability to download a HD version of the video.

As this is our first Gamecast, feedback on its content and the technical aspects would be much appreciated!
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