Gaming 28 - Revisiting the Village

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June 21, 2011 | 12:00

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We're joined by Mode 7 Games, the developer of Frozen Synapse this week.

This week the team chat about Duke Nukem Forever and the controversy surrounding its release and reception. The conversation then moves on to Prey 2, and the fond memories most of us had of its predecessor.[break]

Of course, we also had an interesting chat with Ian and Paul about Frozen Synapse and how the game came into being. We even found the time to ask them some of the questions that you posed them via the bit-tech and bit-gamer Facebook and Twitter pages.

Gaming 28 - Revisiting the Village

As always, we've also set up our weekly competition, the lucky winner of which will walk away with a Roccat Vire Gaming Headset. The headset weighs only 15g and comes complete with a carry bag and rubberised ergonomic earplugs.

As ever, the bit-tech hardware podcast features music by Brad Sucks, and was recorded on Shure microphones. You can download the podcast direct, listen in-browser or subscribe through iTunes using the links below. Also, be sure to let us know your thoughts about the discussion in the forums.
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