Gaming 35 – MW3 vs BF3 vs Skyrim

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November 19, 2011 | 12:09

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Clive, Joe and Harry gather to discuss whether Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3 is the better game. Harry even produces actual facts to support his arguments, but it’s all pointless because everyone knows Skyrim is the best game at the moment.

During the discussion, we also talk about whether singleplayer mode is effectively dead with modern FPS games, and whether CoD should be seen more as yearly sports title, such as FIFA or Football Manager.
LA Noire doesn’t avoid attention either, with both Harry and Clive weighing in to voice their frustrations, explaining why it’s more of an interactive movie than a game. However, there are some redeeming elements to the game, so our scores are correct, no matter how disparaging we might seem. Honest.

The good news to come from LA Noire is that the MotionSense technology – which worked reasonably well – isn’t tied to Team Bondi, but some other company called Depth Analysis. This means that we might see it in other games where talking to people and facial expressions might be important.

Whether we’ll see it in an Elder Scrolls game at some point is unknown, but we do know that Skyrim is an excellent game with an excellent interface and menu system (well, Clive thinks so, anyway). With a mouse’s scroll wheel it’s easy to be quick and accurate, making Skyrim a joy to play on PC. It also looks great, has really engaging side-quests and lets you do pretty much whatever you like.

We’ve also got a competition for you, but you’ll have to listen in to participate. Up for grabs are two of copies of the King Arthur Collection, which combines all the expansions and DLC pre-Fallen Champions for the roleplaying wargame. To enter, email your answers to podcast [at]

Gaming 35 – MW3 vs BF3 vs Skyrim
Win a copy of King Arthur Collection!

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