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Written by Joe Martin

May 28, 2012 | 09:33

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Believe it or not, I'm not someone who's usually all that comfortable talking about themselves or pushing their ideas on to others. I'd much rather be left alone with a bottle of wine and a new computer game. So, you'll understand why I want to keep it brief when I say: listen to my new podcast. It's called Unlimited Hyperbole.

While it's a podcast, Unlimited Hyperbole is unlike most other shows in that it is short and intensively edited. It pulls on exclusive interviews with special guests and each episode culls more than an hour of conversation into just 15 minutes of finely honed discussion. Even the topic is controlled, being decided in advance for a season of five episodes.[break]

This first season uses "My Favourite Game" as a topic, with the first episode featuring Dear Esther designer Dan Pinchbeck as my special guest. He talks about his favourite game, STALKER, and how it affected his PHD, his views on game design and more.

As it's only just launched I'm obviously eager to push the show into as many earballs as possible. More than that though, because Bit-tech is where I consider myself to have cut my teeth in journalism, I wanted to see what this readership especially thought of the show.

It'd be really great if any of you who listen to the show would share your thoughts, either in the comments here or on my blog.

To be clear, Unlimited Hyperbole isn't attached to Bit-tech or Custom PC Magazine directly - Simon was merely gracious enough to let me tell you all about it. Thanks, Simon!
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