Hardware Podcast 7 - this time it's loud!

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October 23, 2009 | 17:37

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First off, apologies for not getting this up yesterday, and for it being so quiet the first time - the podcast fairy has been pretty slack this week. This is the seventh hardware podcast, and Rich, Harry and Tim are joined by Asus bod Iain Bristow. If any other manufacturers would like to join us for pod, please let us know and we'll try to organise it. Up for discussion are:
Sorry, that was a bit sneaky for you RSS people! Anyway, the chaps talked about such diverse topics as Kingston being the largest memory manufacturer, to Microsoft's iPod-killer, the Zune HD and AMD's latest quad-core CPU, the £80 Athlon II X4 620. This CPU might be cheap, but it's got no L3 cache, so is it actually worth getting? Listen in to find out!

Also talked about are the Western Digital TV HD and Xtreamer. Either of these two boxes will stream HD video and music, so Harry wonders if we even need big, noisy media PCs any more.

There's some discussion about whether Windows 7 and the DirectCompute component of DirectX 11 will mean that the GPU becomes the most important piece of silicon in your PC.

Also, apologies to Allan Barbour for trying to call him Allan Balboer or something. Maybe next time we should print a script rather than just scribble some notes on the back of a press release. Anyway, well done Allan for correctly guessing that we described a Sega Dreamcast last episode. Allan's won himself a copy of Zeno Clash, and if you can identify what hardware the guys talk about, you can bag yourself a new mystery prize... OOOooO!

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