How are you getting on with Bing?

Written by Mark Mackay

October 22, 2009 | 13:10

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Since the release of Microsoft’s new search engine named Bing, it’s been something of a hot topic. The company’s previous attempt at a search engine, Live Search, was a woefully lacklustre addition to Internet Explorer and something of a non-event for the world of internet search.

Clive blogged his thoughts about Microsoft being on to a winner with Bing while Alex thought otherwise. But has Google gone unchallenged for such a long time that it’s possible the search giant could be caught unawares by a decent newcomer?
After Microsoft had put up a microsite on bit-tech to raise awareness of its new search engine we got a chance to talk to some of the techy guys at Bing. After learning more we thought that the search engine actually looked mighty promising and we decided to investigate more. Early last month we wrote an article titled Bing Vs Google, where we pitted the search engines against one another and found that Bing was a lot more than a simple refresh of Live Search.

How are you getting on with Bing?

We had to use the US version of Bing and the US version of Google for the article as Bing is still in its Beta phase in the UK. Many of the features that are on the US version, such as cash back, aren’t confirmed to migrate over the UK version of the search engine. However if the UK version shapes up to be close or the same as the US version then Microsoft could indeed be on to a winner.

Ultimately though, it depends if people take to the new search engine as Google is so established. Some of the bit-tech team have been using Bing while others are still unconvinced. We were curious as to how our readers were getting on with Bing, if at all. Have you been using it? Has it replaced Google in your home page or are you adamant that the Google - with it’s multitude of tools - will remain your favourite?

Let us know your thoughts.
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