How to enable Windows 7 God Mode

Written by Alex Watson

January 8, 2010 | 10:09

Tags: #cheat #god-mode #vista #windows-7

Did you know Windows 7 has a God mode?

It sounds cooler than it is in reality - you're not invulnerable to BSODs, and the system doesn't play One of Us when it starts up.

That said, it's not completely useless either - it gives you a shortcut to all the options in Control Panel and allows you to easily get to usually buried controls.
To enable God Mode, you must first grow a big white beard. Then:

Create a new folder, and call it:


The folder will then change into a shortcut with the Control Panel icon. Double click it, and you'll get a huge list of easily accessible tweakable options.

How to enable Windows 7 God Mode
This is what God mode looks like

On my work PC - running 64-bit Windows 7 - God mode reveals 270 options. God Mode also works on Vista, but apparently only the 32-bit version - it will crash the 64-bit one.
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