I'd wear that: bit-tech t-shirts

Written by Alex Watson

September 20, 2010 | 11:33

Tags: #competition #t-shirts

Companies: #bit-tech

Summer's over, mornings are getting a little colder and you're probably wondering where your gloves are.

Clearly, the time is right to introduce a new range of t-shirts!
Yes, that's right, we're finally making some new bit-tech and Custom PC merchandise, in the shape of a series of t-shirts. Which are of course, shaped like ts.

They'll be on sale soon, but before they launch, we'd like to get to some input from you, the community. Post any slogans or ideas you'd like to see on an official bit-tech / CPC t-shirt in the forums. We'll pick the best ones and if your slogan does get selected, we'll send a few free shirts your way.

Here's the first two we've designed:

I'd wear that: bit-tech t-shirts
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We have a few more up our sleeves (and they'll all be available in multiple colours), but before revealing them, we'd like to get your thoughts. So, think you can do better? Get posting then!
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