Kingston won't provide firmware updates for recent SSDs

March 16, 2010 | 10:21

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Apparently those of us who own a Kingston 40GB X25-V Value SSD are not going to receive a TRIM update after all. That's despite the fact that the X25-V uses the same 34nm NAND and controller as the 80GB and 160GB G2 SSDs, which have got TRIM support..

It's not Intel's failing though - who have released a TRIM firmware for its X25-V, and the situation is highly surprisingly given Kingston's "great relationship" with Intel.

Since the drive has already reached End of Life only a few short months after it was launched, that means Kingston has effectively dropped support for it as well. Great customer service there, Kingston.
There is a pretty elaborate hack for adding in TRIM support admittedly, which is graciously explained by a few enterprising and very clever individuals at

For future features on all its drives, not just the X25-V, we've been told that Intel (and by extension Kingston) has no plan to develop any sort of manual garbage collection for those who don't use Windows 7 either. TRIM is exclusive to Win7, so the many, many people still with XP (and the few with Vista, I suppose) will not benefit.

That's just another reason to go buy a cheaper Indilinx drive who have had a years worth of firmware updates, and given its post-sales commitment, evidently not one branded Kingston.
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