Lynnfield Lab update

August 21, 2009 | 10:52

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Yeah I'm going to tease you all a little again.

We've been running numbers for the last two weeks for both magazine and online coverage of Lynnfield - you'll get the full package all together in Issue 74 of CPC, and of course, for bit-tech we'll be there with the info throughout September (depends on Intel's NDA as to exactly when). Custom PC readers will get a different experience to those just reading bit-tech, but we've carefully designed it so everyone will be informed.

On the test bench has been all the upcoming Lynnfield CPUs - retail boxed ones - and a selection of P55 motherboards, including the MSI P55 GD65, Gigabyte GA-P55-UD5 and Asus P7P55 Deluxe with the MSI P55 GD80, Gigabyte GA-P55M-UD4 and ECS P55 (possibly) reviewed at a later date.[break]

Features we've got in store for you are a breakdown of the new CPU architecture, how much does HyperThreading and TurboBoost affect performance, and a look at the P55 chipset.

We've also written a Lynnfield PCI Express gaming performance article, comparing it to Intel's older P45 and X58 chipsets - including single GPU, SLI and CrossFire tests across several games. And it was all done until Nvidia kindly informed us there would be new SLI drivers later this month... *sigh*...

But wait, that's not all! We're also planning an overclocking guide for a few of the motherboards with two different CPUs, going through the limitations of each and what gives potentially the best overclock. Both Asus and MSI have given us access to their own in-house OC-testing, so we'll include some of this data along with our own conclusions to give you the complete picture.

On the memory front we're testing how different memory frequencies affect Lynnfield performance using modules from Corsair, Crucial, Kingston, OCZ and G.Skill, from 1,600MHz CL8 to (right now) 2,400MHz CL9, with the G.Skill Perfect Storm 2,200MHz kit - the same one that's winning OC records, according to the PR I got earlier.

Lynnfield Lab update

I haven't finished testing the limits of that yet - it's just getting a little too warm in our lab this afternoon so I'll try again in the morning. We should also be getting some equally high performance kits in from other companies in the next few weeks too - including some special new Dominators from Corsair!

As you've already seen, we've already published the Lynnfield CPU cooler roundup, but we're also waiting to receive some mounting brackets from other companies such as Noctua to hopefully get some better thermal results. Right now we're using the Zalman X10 Extremes which are.. OK, but honestly, I'm dying for a TRUE or Corsair H50 bracket so we can squeeze the voltages on our CPUs a little higher.

For those not giving a sausage about Intel's new baby, we've also got new 785G boards from Asus and ECS currently testing, some coverage of the fantastically cheap and cheerful MSI 770X-C45, plus a few more cases and some other surprises too.

Phew!! Anyone know how to make a few more hours in the day? I think I need another cup of tea...
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