Morph tries to build a PC

Written by Antony Leather

September 10, 2009 | 12:41

Tags: #animation #cartoon #morph

For those of you not familiar with Morph, he's the plasticine creation of the late Tony Hart whose art-focussed kids TV shows were aired in the UK in the 1980's. I thought they were great and recently I received a 'kit' as a present that allows you create your own Morph. If you have no idea who Morph is then check him out here.

Of course as soon as I made him he was up to mischief and with lots of PC bits hanging around, he soon caught the bug. I've hidden my Dremel for the time being in case he fancies and bit of modding. I dare to think how quickly a circular saw attachment can cut through plasticine, pretty quickly I'd imagine.
Morph tries to build a PC

I came back from work to find Morph wasn't where I'd left him. In fact I couldn't find him anywhere. Eventually I noticed my PC was on and next to the side window I saw a little figure.

'Morph how the hell did you know how to turn my PC on?!?'

As it turns out he's fascinated with PC's and wanted to look at the pretty lights too. He then asked if he could build a PC with all the bits I have laying around:

'Well Morph you can have a look but I don't think you'll find much.'

Morph tries to build a PC

Morph proceeded to look in the PC bits boxes and came back with a few things.

Morph tries to build a PC

'I don't think a fan grill and a 1/2inch compression fitting will get you very far Morph.'

He looked a little sad at this so I said I'd get him a copy of Custom PC magazine so he can find all the bits he needs.

Morph tries to build a PC

Now Morph, go to the Elite section where all the good hardware is listed then you can pick all the bits you need.

Morph tries to build a PC

You'll need some money though and I'm afraid I can't help you with that (note to self, hide credit cards)...
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