Oh just one more thing, kthxbye.

March 29, 2010 | 08:25

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I'm leaving. I'm off. It's been lovely, bye bye!

Today is my last official day at Dennis HQ in London, so please don't eat all the biscuits in my absence!

Actually, as far as you're all concerned, I'm not really going anywhere. You'll still be able to read my articles, reviews and blogs - as well as chat in the forum - it's just that physically speaking, I'm moving out. Out of the office and in fact, out of the country. I'm heading east to Taiwan to be among the manufacturers themselves to dig up the latest and greatest info as soon as it's available. Or at least that's the plan!
Previously we’ve always gone over to Taiwan just a few times a year, usually in the run up to Computex – the mid-yearly exhibition where we have to swim to the show there’s so much rain – to do a preshow tour and generally make the excuse to see what's new and improve relations (read: go out drinking or hitting the night-markets) between ourselves and industry bods.

Being over there full time will mean much better access to new hardware and tech, so there'll be lots to look forward to. I'll also be filling in the back page column of Custom PC mag with monthly updates of ‘Happenings out East’, and with luck I’ll remember my camera to shoot a few pictures to share and show you what Taiwan is like.

In fact, if you’re a thinking of gap year as a student, or even a holiday exploring the Far East, there are many incredibly beautiful places outside of Taipei that are worth a look – Taiwan is a beautiful island and it's respectively cheaper than Japan and less hassle for most of us (in terms of Visas and getting around) than China.

It's going to take a few weeks for me to get sorted and get my stuff out there and setting up my new lab, but I’ll be back to writing with new articles, soon!
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