Should I get a PSP Go?

Written by Mark Mackay

January 6, 2010 | 13:21

Tags: #consoles #ds-lite #portable-gaming #psp-go

I've owned many a portable gaming console over the years. In fact my first ever console was a Nintendo Gameboy. Now that I think that about it, I wonder if it's that strong feeling of nostalgia that imbues me with the unshakable desire to run out to the nearest Game store and buy whatever portable console is the flavour of the month. The problem is that they invariably sit in the corner of my room and tease me for being silly enough for spending a three-figure sum of money on something I'll never use.
Should I get a PSP Go?

The short answer then should be, of course - No!. No I shouldn't go out and buy a Sony PSP Go which I'll never use once the novelty value has worn off. I owned the original Sony PSP and a Nintendo DS Lite and ended up selling both of them because they never got used.

One thing that's got me seriously considering it though is that I can play my favourite game of all time, Final Fantasy VII, on the little machine. This is almost reason enough to take the plunge and it doesnt surprise me to learn that it's one of the top-selling titles for the PSP Go

Should I get a PSP Go?

However, I decided that the tech-savvy bit-tech community might be able to help out. I wondered if some of you might have some experience with them that could help me make the right choice. I thought it might also be interesting to see if anyone else suffered from this affliction of wanting to buy a portable console and then never using it?
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