CPUs under the microscope - literally

Written by Alex Watson

March 30, 2010 | 10:27

Tags: #cpu #photography

What I love most about photography is the way it can show aspects of the world that are invisible to regular human vision - timelapse, x-ray, macro, lenses with a wider angle than the eye - are fascinating.

Tom Royal, an old colleague of mine, who now works at Computer Active, has found a microscope and taken some great photos of a variety of techy bits and pieces with it.
The images are fascinating and reveal some surprising details - such as the fact the pins of an Athlon CPU are actually made from two different materials, as you can clearly see here:

CPUs under the microscope - literally

The full set is well worth checking out on Flickr, and you can also see how Tom and his colleague Anthony took the pictures with this annotated image on Flickr.
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