Hardware 12 - SpineTech Beta Now Open

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June 18, 2010 | 10:10

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Welcome to Episode 12 of the bit-tech and Custom PC podcast, brought to you from our plush media suite located just outside of Cape Town. No, really, we've got the vuvuzelas and everything... Oh, alright, we're actually in the usual backroom of our central London office.

Now that we've recovered from Computex 2010 and got things into some semblance of order in our lives, we can reflect on what the show had to offer. Exactly why was Nvidia harping on about 3D when the rest of the show was tablet mad? Could it be that Nvidia has some high-end graphics cards to shift, perhaps? We look back at Asus' huge Immensity motherboard, PowerColor's crazy HD 5770 range and why ARM are feeling so confident at the moment.
The podcast discussion takes in the World Cup, and whether tablet PCs will be a fad or not. If Apple steps up its Jake Humphrey cloning research project, it could have a smash on its hands.

Alex lets slip that he thinks penguins cause cool temperatures (and Clive that he doesn't know his Arctic from his Antartic) while Harry pitches for beta testers for his new startup company SpineTech - if it delivers on even half of what it promises, Steve Jobs can kiss his low-tech Touch technology goodbye.

Then again, handing our spines over to Harry's care can only end in disaster. It's a good job that we stay focused on our chosen topic of PC hardware isn't it? Otherwise goodness knows what would end up in these Pods.

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Thanks as always go to Brad Sucks for our intro music, titled Dropping out of School.
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