What is Made in the UK Week?

Written by Joe Martin

April 5, 2010 | 09:58

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If you’ve ever been to bit-tech before today then you’ll probably have noticed that something’s changed with the site and that it looks a bit different from usual. If not, I’ll spell it out for you: we don’t normally have a picture of Batman on the front page, no matter how many times I beg for it.

bit-tech's new look is going to run all this week and is part of a short season we're running to celebrate and explore the UK games industry, from the time of the BBC Micro to modern day. We're going to put up an article on the topic everyday this week. To find out what the actual articles are you’ll have to check back each day, but we’ve got some rather exciting stuff lined up, so stay tuned!

This is the first time we've done anything like this on the site and, as with everything on bit-tech, we'd love to know what you think about it, so drop your thoughts in the comments below. In the meantime, I’ll be coming back to this blogpost daily and updating it with a link to that day’s article, just in case you miss anything.

Monday - Made in the UK Feature
Tuesday - Big in Britain Introversion Interview
Wednesday - The Best UK Games Ever Feature
Thursday - Games Podcast 12 with Special Guest from the BBC!
Friday - Fabled Lands: The MMO that Never Was feature
Saturday - Curve Studios: For Console and Country Interview
Sunday - Rebellion Developments: Eye of the TIGA Interview

BONUS CONTENT: Secret Extra Content download

Oh, and for those of you who follow me on Twitter and have been among the curious fellows pestering me for answers, this is what we grandiosely codenamed as Project Awesome.
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