What was your first mod?

Written by Antony Leather

July 29, 2009 | 10:36

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Bit-tech is full of modding. In fact our forums are brimming with countless different types of mods using an even greater number of different materials. Some are simple, with modifications to improve cooling or allow installation of hardware that otherwise might not fit, while others completely transform the look of an entire case or are even built from the ground up.

I bet there are many different reasons people take to modding. Personally, my modding experience began ten years ago with a high end system in a Chieftec Dragon. It's a poor case in terms of airflow compared to modern cases like the Antec Twelve Hundred, and I was finding the temperature inside the case was nearly hot enough for hydrogen atoms to start fusing together. I decided to cut a hole in the roof and mount an 80mm fan which actually worked really well.

What was your first mod?
The original Chieftec Dragon - one of the first cases designed for enthusiasts - unfortunately, cooling wasn't particularly potent

Things have progressed from there of course and fan holes, side windows and radiator vents as well as half-decent paint jobs are nearly second nature. That first mod always sticks in my head as a great achievement for me, not only because Chieftec used such thick steel it took over an hour to cut through with a power drill, but because I had done it and it actually looked good and made a difference to my case temperatures.

What was your first mod?

So what was your first mod? Why did you do it and was it for looks or some kind of performance enhancement? And if you’ve never modded a case and have good reasons for not doing so, feel free to speak up as well!
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