Why I think Gran Turismo 5 is delayed

Written by Mark Mackay

January 14, 2010 | 12:33

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Back in my unenlightened console-gaming days I once went over to my cousin's gaff in Scotland for some family visits. He had a Playstation, a console that I either wasn't interested in owning or didn't have the money to own - probably the latter. For that Playstation he owned Gran Turismo. As a car lover, I was suitably impressed and ended up buying a Playstation for GT shortly thereafter.

When the PS2 came out I had little to interesting in buying that. However, when Gran Turismo 3 was on the cards, all that changed and I played through GT4 with equal relish. Back in those days, there just wasn't any competition for Gran Turismo. It was king of hill. People forgave the fact that there was no car damage, horribly hard lighting, stiff and lifeless handling and engine sounds like flatulence problems.
Why I think Gran Turismo 5 is delayed Where is Gran Turismo 5?
'Has anyone seen the texture detail? We've lost it.'

Yes, GT was as good as it got and we all loved it. So what about GT5? We saw the demo prologue in 2008! Well, I can't help but wonder if all the delays are because Polyphony Digital got complacent with their racing gaming crown. Gran Turismo 5 Prologue was set to be the racing game of the year for many...then came a small problem called Race Driver: GRID.

Even on a console, GRIDlooked amazing. The lighting engine was formidable, with soft, hazy rays of believable light caressing almost every surface in the game. The textures were detailed, the car engines more raw and sexy and the handling felt like there was wild race car to tame with your gaming skill rather it feeling like you were taking your driving test in a Nissan Micra. That's not to mention the car damage in GRID, which was exquisitely believable and a welcome breath of air after years of GT's indestructible automobiles.

Why I think Gran Turismo 5 is delayed Where is Gran Turismo 5?
'Actually, I think the guys at Codemasters have stolen it all.'

It's about the time of Grid's release that I think the trousers of Polyphony Digital really filled up and the delays started to appear. Since then Codemasters has released Colin McRae: DiRT 2 which is even better than GRID and a number of other excellent racers have hit the shelves, many of which feature the things that were so sorely missing from the GT series. Personally, I think it's that Polyphony Digital were so comprehensively spanked off the racing game throne that the GT5 is still not with us today.
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