Why the iPhone was never going to flop

Written by Mark Mackay

July 27, 2009 | 11:13

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For the love of all that’s shiny in this world, just look at it. The first time I laid my eyes on the iPhone was in a very small column in the free newspaper Metro while on my way to work. It was love at first sight. I would have ditched my girlfriend in an instant to get my hands on one there and then, and at the time she was a Swedish blonde.
The image was a face-on shot of the iPhone on the home screen. All the colourful touch-sensitive buttons where laid out neatly in squares that I just wanted to press even though I didn’t know what they did. I was in love. So what?

Well, the point is that the iPhone has the shiny factor, and people love the shiny factor. If they didn’t Apple wouldn't be where it is today. Apple was about to release a slender slice of a device that was pretty much all touch screen and not much else. How was that ever going to do badly? Even if it was super flaky people would still buy it to get some posing in.

Of course, it isn't super flaky. On the contrary, it works so smoothly, you’d think the very electronics themselves had a permanent supply of lubrication. It's a well-oiled electronic culmination of touch screen and KY Jelly. Sumptuous.

Many of you would have read Antony’s blog on how much he loves the features of his new iPhone after suffering Windows Mobile for years. To say that Antony isn’t a fan of Apple would be an understatement. At the end of the day though, as a discerning technology enthusiast and someone that spends his money very carefully, it was clear that the iPhone was the right choice.

And yet many people, from random forumites to analysts, to the CEO of Microsoft, said the iPhone would flop. People loving giving it the big ones, especially on the internet. It’s much easier to do than face-to-face when you have to deal with a direct come back from a real person. And people love saying ‘I told you so’ too and it’s for these reasons that so many people ranted about how the iPhone was going to fail.

After some time of people scoffing and saying how it was overhyped nonsense, the dust is settling and the truth is becoming clear. The iPhone is one of the greatest bits of technology conceived by humankind and even Apple naysayers and those too proud to admit that they where wrong are starting to see that there is no better phone out there.
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