Back issues of Custom PC up for grabs

Written by Paul Goodhead

January 31, 2011 | 15:24

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We've recently been having a bit of a spring clean here at bit-tech and Custom PC HQ. We’ve dusted our monitors, scraped the gunk out of our keyboards and have sorted out the huge pile of back issues of Custom PC that’s been sat in the corner of the office for what seems like forever.

The plan is to recycle the spare issues that we don’t need anymore, but we thought we’d first allow you guys the chance to fill any gaps you may have in your Custom PC collection. We’d rather the issues go to a loving home rather than a recycling machine after all. There are of course one or two caveats with this offer, which are listed below.
  • This is a one time only offer and will only be open for a week.

  • We’re posting the issues out at our own expense so each individual claimant is limited to a single issue each. Choose wisely.

  • Unfortunately we don’t have copies available of every issue, though we do have most. If the issue you need is one then we haven’t got then sorry, that’s bad luck.
To claim your issue simply email with your requested issue and the address you’d like it posted to. Note that requests made in the comments thread of this article will not be honoured, requests will be accepted by email only. Each email will get a reply saying whether or not it’s been possible to fulfil the request. We’ll do our best to get issues posted out in a timely manner but please allow a few weeks for delivery.

Do you have a gap in your Custom PC collection that needs filling? Will you be taking us up on our offer? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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