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Written by Paul Goodhead

March 20, 2012 | 07:42

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What You Think of Bit-tech

Next up was a question about bit-tech’s mix of content. A little bit of perspective is needed here as people invariably always want more of everything, but with this in mind the results can still be useful. Again, this question generated more data than can concisely be displayed here, but click here for the full rundown.

As we expected, nearly all of you were either happy with the amount of hardware reviews on the site or wanted more of them. The majority of you wanted more modding content too, though not to the same degree as hardware reviews - indeed 12.3 per cent of you wanted less modding content. You also gave us a clear message about general interest articles such as board game reviews.

Bit-tech's Mix of Content

Bit-tech survey, March 2012

  • Hardware Reviews
  • Game Reviews
  • Modding Content
  • General Interest Articles (e.g. board game reviews)
    • 1.0
    • 17.2
    • 81.8
    • 16.0
    • 30.0
    • 54.0
    • 12.3
    • 23.5
    • 64.2
    • 38.3
    • 27.5
    • 34.2
Percentage of respondents
  • Less please
  • Just right
  • More please

Drilling down further into these figures proved interesting, as we saw significant differences here between those who have the site set as their homepage, those who use their favourites bar to get here and those who use a search engine. Search engine users for example seem to be least keen on modding content, with only 58 per cent wanting more of this kind of content. This compares to figures of 64 per cent of favourite bar users and 81 per cent of those that use bit-tech as a homepage. Feature articles & interviews were also less popular among occasional bit-tech users than they were amongst regular visitors, as were the staff blogs.

We then went on to ask you about the advertising on bit-tech. We were happy to see that 89 per cent of you said that you interacted with the advertising on bit-tech either as much as or more than on other sites. You also stated, unsurprisingly, that you most liked to see graphics cards, cases, motherboards, CPUs and hard disks/SSDs advertised on the site. There were some interesting suggestions in the ‘other’ field here too. The one person who said they’d like to see ‘freak stuff’ advertised on bit-tech is probably in for a long wait, as is the chap who requested that we start running gun advertising…

How do you describe yourself?

Bit-tech survey, March 2012

  • Gamer
  • Hardware Enthusiast
  • Geek
  • Overclocker
  • IT Professional
  • Modder
  • Serial Upgrader
  • Coder
  • IT Student
  • 77
  • 76
  • 55
  • 35
  • 32
  • 25
  • 22
  • 19
  • 14
Percentage of respondents

Next up was two questions that were closely linked - firstly we asked if you’d specifically like to seem more games advertising on bit-tech, the answer to which was a resounding yes with 61 per cent of you saying you would. Next we asked what words you’d use to describe yourself - would the bit-tech readership self identity as gamers, modders, hardware enthusiasts or all of the above?

As you can see from the graph, most of you call yourself gamers and hardware enthusiasts. These two tags are followed, interestingly, by geek and then by overclocker. Also of significance was the fact that 32 per cent of you identify yourself as IT professionals - a larger portion that we initially envisioned.

How often do you spend money on...

Bit-tech survey, March 2012

  • PC Hardware
  • PC Software
  • PC Games
    • 2.5
    • 7.2
    • 16.1
    • 47.9
    • 26.3
    • 19.9
    • 34.1
    • 20.9
    • 19.1
    • 6.0
    • 6.7
    • 12.2
    • 13.7
    • 37.9
    • 29.5
Percentage of respondents
  • Very rarely
  • Rarely
  • An average amount
  • Often
  • Very often

Lastly we asked how often you made purchases in four areas - PC hardware, PC software, PC game and console games - and it was heartening to see that many of you make regular purchases of PC hardware and PC games. It's logical of course that most of you purchase both PC hardware and games regularly, given the audience that we cater to, but it's good to see our presumptions borne out by the data.

Just look how happy you've made him

Just look how happy you've made him

Finally, and to add a little interest, we thought we’d try and settle the Kirk vs Picard debate once and for all. Which captain would 1,000 of the finest geeks on earth throw their weight behind?

Well, we can announce that Captain Picard won a healthy victory with 64 per cent of the vote. Too bad Kirk, too bad - try not to get angry about it. We attempted to get in touch with Patrick Stewart to tell him the good news and he was good enough to get back to us saying that… no not really, we didn’t do anything of the sort - he wouldn’t even be able to hear us over the sound of how awesome he is.

So, we hope that made interesting reading - it certainly did for us. We'll be trying to do more of these smaller surveys in the future in an effort to both keep you guys in the loop and to seek your feedback.

We'll also commit to publishing the results of such surveys in an open and transparent way so that you can see exactly what information we're working with. Thanks again, and congratulations to the lucky competition winners.
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