Drop us an idea, win 6GB of DDR3 memory!

July 3, 2009 | 12:18

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OK, we'll level with you - memory reviews are... a bit dull. Running the kind of benchmarks we use for CPUs and motherboards reveals performance differences that are within an undetectable fraction of each other, prices change daily and as a result, few people read the coverage. In addition, full performance reviews take an absolute age to test properly, and we'd prefer to do far cooler things such as guzzle energy drinks, throw paper airplanes at Joe and play with Lynnfield in the office instead!

Unfortunately our boss doesn't agree and thinks we should covered this crucial part of hardware since we meticulously test everything else, yet, ideas how to do it that's of interest and entertaining to you guys fail us because, well, it's just memory.

So - we're asking you, our readers and our community for suggestions! How do you want to see new memory products covered online and in the magazine? Silly, entertaining, fun, educational, thorough? Do you want to just know about overclocking potential? IC's used? close ups of new heatspreaders? A value roundup in co-operation with an online etailer?

Give us your ideas and we'll decide which is the best complete suggestion - and then to reward that person, we'll give away them a 6GB G.Skill Trident PC3-16000 memory kit! And yes, this is one competition that's open to everyone, worldwide, whether you live in Ealing or Timbuktu.

Let us know your ideas, and win a memory.. or three, in the forums!
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