Meet the Modder: Mike 'MP-customized' Petereyns

Written by Alex Banks

November 20, 2017 | 12:30

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Woah, that's quite a list there! It's amazing how when you start to mention each process involved in crafting a mod the number just begins to spiral upwards. But with such an array of techniques available, would you be able to choose a mod of yours that's your favourite? And if so, why that one?

Well my favourite mod is definitely Shui-Shen (Chinese name for water God). Although it didn't win any contests, it has been seen and shipped all over the world from CES (Las Vegas) to Computex (Taipei) plus several big events in Europe and reviewed in two magazines.

Shui-Shen was a combination of many techniques I've explored during my modding career. I am very proud of the result, and I still use it as my daily workstation.

A lot of your builds seem to carry wildly varying themes, where would you say you find inspiration for your builds?

When scrolling into all the big modding groups and forums you get an idea of what the standard is, but the crazy/different inspirations often just pop up into my head, usually when I am trying to figure out what to do next that’s perhaps not been done before. Sometimes I get a flash of inspiration during a workout… strange!

Haha, I think we can all relate to spontaneous moments of inspiration like that. Sometimes the best ideas seem to be plucked from thin air. Since you have some processes that you're more comfortable with, would you say have a "signature look" for your mods?

I don’t think I have a signature as such in my mods. I modded so many different styles, because I always want to do something new… I guess my style is a combination of machined precision with a crazy twist and dynamic motion put into all my builds.

With the modding community having been around for a while, it's natural that most of us will know modders whose projects we either grew up with or are inspired by. If you were to name three modders, past or present, who you look up to, who would they be?

Well, they would be: Peter 'Gtek' Husar, Hans Peder "p0Pe" Sahl, and Suchao Prowphong.

As for why? It's because I like their style, creativity, and thinking out of the box… be original!

Be original, I like that! In that vein then, what do you do that you would say is unique? Can you show me some examples?

I really don’t do anything very unique per se; it’s all been done before by someone somewhere. I just try to combine all the skills I obtained during my life and try to bring the modding community to another level by adding more and more techniques. I don’t make it like it's supposed to be made; I try to be different.

A good example is my Shui-Shen project, like I mentioned before, or my TTower IOI that’s probably one of the most known Tower 900 mods out there, because the inner/outer layout is completely transformed. I also integrated an Arduino into that build to open and close the complete tower. Dynamic parts will be integrated more and more in my future builds I think.

Having been around the scene for a while, you must have picked up some hardware preferences. If you could build a computer using any parts ever made, which would you choose?

Oh that would definitely be a POWERHOUSE with as many CPUs and GPUs as the platform can handle. All cooled with extreme cooling, and I would probably make it look as good as possible too.

With modding and the possibilities for modders having changed so much recently, what do you hope that the future has in store for you in the next 12 months?

The same that I had in the past amazing 12 months, maybe earn some more money so I’ll be able to buy a house for my family and have some more space to MOD PRO! Unfortunately, modding alone does not pay enough to do it full time… yet. 

I am also working on several projects for CES Las Vegas and Computex 2018, so stay tuned, because there will be some great projects in the coming months!

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