Mod of the Month April 2018 in Association with Corsair

Written by Alex Banks

May 8, 2018 | 17:00

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To call April a slow month is a bit of an understatement. Clearly, we have a lot of big projects just around the corner, but only a few passed the veritable finish line last month. No doubt the culmination of Computex and a number of modding competitions towards the end of May will result in a cornucopia of completed mods on show.

Thankfully, though, we've got some talented folks on here, and the builds that did finish are quite spectacular, with each having a very unique flavour. Which ones are your favourites?

Please remember to change your flair from 'In Progress' to 'Complete' when you finish a project!

Entering Mod of the Month is very easy. All you need to do to enter Mod of the Month is to make sure you add the 'Complete' prefix to your build log. You can find out more here.

We feature hundreds of mods every year in our project logs section and forums, where you'll find all things custom, water-cooled, and generally awesome as well as modding news and features.

Corsair is our sponsor for our monthly modding competitions, and we've got some great prizes for you this month, including its latest RGB LED fans and Vengeance RGB memory spread across the top three positions in Mod of the Month.

As per our new rules for 2018, if you place first in a Mod of the Month, then in any future Mod of the Months (or Modding Updates) you get into that year, you won't be eligible for prizes. You can still be picked and win, but it will be honorific instead. 

We regret that Corsair's worldwide coverage with shipping no longer includes South America or Africa due to continuing issues with shipping to these locations. This is beyond our control, so we sincerely apologise to anyone in these areas, as we'll be unable to honour their prizes for the foreseeable future.

First Place: Corsair Vengeance RGB 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 3,000MHz C15 memory kit

Second Place: Corsair LL Series LL120 Dual Light Loop RGB Fans Triple Pack

Third Place: 2 x Corsair ML Series Magnetic Levitation Dual Pack 120mm fans

Last month's winners were Reinhardt by twister7800gtx with METEOR by S.PiC coming a very close second, and holding third position was LUNA by likwid mods. Congratulations! I will be in contact with you folks soon.

A huge thanks to Corsair for stumping up some great prizes again this month. Don't forget that you can vote for more than one project if you're finding it tough to choose one over the others. MotM is a competition for completed projects. You should consider originality, execution, and show of skill when voting.

This Month's Contenders

Project JDM by Jokot

The Ice Wall by MPC

Project "Venom" by Y.G Casemod

Verticality by Duality92

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