Mod of the Year 2019 - In Association with Corsair

Written by Alex Banks

January 24, 2020 | 12:00

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It's 2020, we're back from CES, we all got sick and are catching up on New Year's resolutions. However, there is one monumental job left to do before we can truly bid adieu to 2019; we need to crown the titles of Case Mod of the Year, Scratch Build of the Year, and Overall Best Build of the Year!

Thank you to everybody who sent in their nominations over the course of December. We've since tallied them all up and assembled the list of who will be competing for the top spots this year. As with past years, there are 12 Case mods and 12 Scratch Builds to choose from. The title of 'Best Overall Build' will be decided via a combination of the public votes and also an internal judging panel.


Now, what should you be looking for when voting? Ideally you want to be taking into account as many facets of the mod as you can, so consider the following:

  • Originality - Does this mod bring something new to the table? Does it stand out from the crowd?
  • Execution - Has the modder executed the mod to the highest standard possible?
  • Function - Somewhat nebulous but does the mod fully function and could it be used as a PC properly?

To help motivate everybody to submit their votes, Corsair will be providing a trio of M55 RGB Pro Ambidextrous gaming mice, so to be in with a chance of winning one, you simply have to take part. At the end of voting, three winners will be chosen at random from the voters.

But, of course, there are also a bunch of prizes in store for the winners of each category. Corsair will be providing a whole lot of Hydro X this year to the lucky winners, so let's have a look at what's in store:

We regret that Corsair's worldwide coverage with shipping no longer includes South America or Africa due to continuing issues with shipping to these locations. This is beyond our control, so we sincerely apologise to anyone in these areas, as we'll be unable to honour their prizes for the foreseeable future.

Best Overall Build:

Choice of CPU Block

Choice of GPU Block

XD5 Pump Reservoir Combo

Commander Pro Fan/RGB Controller 

£250 Voucher to spend in the Corsair Store

Case Mod/Scratch Build of the Year:

Choice of CPU Block

Choice of GPU Block

XD5 Pump Reservoir Combo

£150 Voucher to spend in the Corsair Store

Casemod/Scratch Build of the Year Runner Up

Choice of CPU Block
Choice of GPU Block

Case Mod Category

Chapolin Colorado by Douglas Alves

Metro Exodus by Toru

The Iron Maiden by Abbas-it

Radioative RTX by Twister7800gtx

Minimalistic by AKMod

Evil Master by pccustom

Project Sentinel by TodMod

Project Stealth Attack Drone by Y.G Casemod

Realgar by Explore Modding

Ferrari Project by Sa Mod pc design

Morphosis by greensabbath

Anubis by Ronny78

Scratch Build Category

High Voltage Oscilloscope by Dante Mutti

Pipe Scratch Build by kpmodding_

Star Wars X-Wing by RandomDesgin

Quasar by Abbas-it

The Iron Turnip by Cheapskate

Leaf Me Alone by InsolentGnome

PIP BOY 2000 N-Z by AKMod

Al-CONH Desk JejeLaPelle

Light Blade by DÈF¥âÑt¸.·´¯`¤

Oracle by Explore Modding

The Rog Core by TodMod

Warmachine CaseSuit by HammanChronicle

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