Corsair Obsidian 1000D Mega-Build: Project Log Intro

Written by Alex Banks

May 10, 2018 | 14:01

Tags: #1000d #casemod #extreme #geforce #modding #tempered-glass #threadripper #tr4 #vengeance-rgb #watercooling

Companies: #amd #corsair #msi #nvidia

There comes a time in a modder's life when they're graced with something so large, so heavy, just so... voluminous that you have to stand back and think, 'Woah'. Well, today is that day, because Corsair recently dropped an Obsidian 1000D at the workshop with the intention of having us making something epic. And make something epic we will.

That's right, we partnered up with Corsair, AMD, Nvidia, and MSI to kick off a proper, multi-part project log series using this beast of a case.

So what does that actually all mean? Well, for starters we're going to be putting in quite the hardware list. This rig will be dual-system: one a high-power Threadripper, multi-GPU workstation, and the other a lean, mean gaming system rocking a second-generation Ryzen CPU. Both systems will be fully decked out to the teeth with water-cooling and everybody's favourite: RGB!

The thing is, no doubt most of the initial rigs in this case will be fairly stock. This being bit-tech, however, that simply won't do, so we're going to be doing a little bit of remodelling inside, making way for a set of custom CNC-machined distro plates and reservoirs. We'll also be having a second look at the existing interior structure to see what possibilities are there - think painting and/or powder coating for starters!

This should be quite the ride, so stay tuned!

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