The Mods of Paris Games Week 2017

Written by Alex Banks

November 13, 2017 | 14:00

Tags: #modding-competition #modding-event

Companies: #antec #asus #be-quiet #fractal-design #ldlc #thermaltake

Zero hour, judgement day. This was the day where the doors for Paris Games Week would be opened and our entries revealed for voting. Whilst we all tried to play it cool, I think it's safe to say we were all a little apprehensive. Voting would be handled live at the event in quite a fitting manner. Each entrant had a large, blacked out vase stationed next to the build, into which voters would pour small vials of coloured liquid. At the end of the voting period, the final standings would be determined by the quantity of liquid in each vase.

Each of us was tasked with presenting our mods to the panel of judges, comprised of LDLC officials and sponsors. We would have to display how we felt we achieved our brief, the work we undertook, and the choices behind different aspects of our machines. It felt like a final round in Master Chef; the judges had faces of stone and refused to give the slightest hint about whether they thought your rig was a success or an abject failure. At this point all we could do was pitch our best and then meet up with the others outside the booth for a much needed hug.

Voting came and went and the final standings were announced:

  1. Stephen Hoad and his Junkrat mod in Fractal Design's Meshify C
  2. Ronnie Hara rocking Tracer and the Be Quiet! Dark Base Pro 900
  3. Alex Banks with Winston in the Antec P8
  4. Mike Petereyns and his DJ Lucio themed Thermaltake View 71

With the vote and competition now over, we were free to enjoy the sights and pleasures to be found in Paris! The next day was comprised primarily of a whistle-stop tour of the city, stopping by as many of the landmarks as we could fit in. Of course we were well fed and watered too; I think a swift trip to the treadmill is definitely in order!

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