It was mostly high-end for Asus, as it was showcasing several new motherboards for HEDT and workstation/server amongst other things. On show were two LGA 3647 X599 Dominus Extreme motherboards, with one out in the open and the other built into a Phanteks chassis also using brand new Phanteks water blocks for the 32-phase power circuitry and CPU socket.

Sadly, Asus suggested the board may end up being restricted to system builders rather than going full retail, as it's expected to cost not far short of a small island.

If water-cooling isn't your thing, the board has a row of four 40mm fans cooling a huge heatsink at the top of the board. Even so, the rig on display complete with G.Skill memory and rigid tubing looked diabolically awesome, so you best get saving.

Other boards on display were a refreshed ROG Zenith Extreme, this time with Alpha at the end of the name, which offers better cooling than the original Threadripper board courtesy of a similar but less crazy cooling solution to the one on the Dominus, with a pair of integrated fans in the VRM heatsink at the top of the board.

X299 fans will be pleased to see the return of the Rampage, but rather than a Black Edition, we get the Rampage VI Extreme Omega, again with a fan-assisted cooling system. Both boards sport a new DIMM.2 package - the little DIMM-like vertical mount for M.2 SSDs - which now sports heatsinks for the SSDs, although Asus didn't have one to hand.

Asus also revealed the new GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Matrix graphics card that sports a complete liquid-cooling solution inside, with radiator, pump, and fans all combined into a single triple-slot card.

More details on some of these products is available in our original news summary of Asus at CES 2019.

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