Adding more storage to your Asus Eee PC

December 27, 2007 | 00:42

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Step Seven

You should now be able to put the laptop back together by doing the first three steps in reverse. Once back together, you should find your flash drive is permanently plugged into the device.

Do not plug devices in to the USB port that you have wired the drive into. If you do, you will have to turn off the laptop and take out the battery for a few seconds for it to reset itself. To stop this, the ugly solution is to put a little tape over the port.

The more elegant solution is to the use the black plastic that was shrouding the extension lead. Luckily, it matches the black of the Eee PC used in this example.

Using a knife, whittle away the plastic until it snugly fits inside the USB port. If you get it just right, it won't come out without being levered.

Adding more storage to your Asus Eee PC Finishing touches

Software Tweaks

Unless you managed to screw up the steps above, everything should now be working. However, you will be greeted with the auto run prompt every time you boot the computer, which gets quite annoying. We're going to disable it for the first 30 seconds of start up. This means you'll still get auto run, but not on boot up.

First, open a console by press CTRL+ALT+T.

Then type in the following:

cd /usr/bin

sudo mv xandros_device_detection_dialog

nano xandros_device_detection_dialog

You should then be presented with a text editor. Copy the following code into the file. To paste into the terminal, press the left and right mouse buttons at the same time.


awk '$1 < 30 { exit 1 }' /proc/uptime && "$@" &
Exit by pressing CTRL+X – it should prompt you to save.

Finally, give that file execution rights.

chmod +x xandros_device_detection_dialog

Reboot the machine to test!

And with that, you're all done! It's really that easy and you don't need a degree in engineering and a workshop full of tools to pull it off either. If you've done your own EeePC mods, or even just other notebook mods - show us your project or your work in our modding forum.
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