Nakamura by Greensabbath

Written by Nick Falzone

August 9, 2007 | 13:12

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After finishing my last case, Yuugou, I was ready to take a break but I got the opportunity I had been waiting for for a long time: to build a case for a paying client. This worked out great because the client wanted a mATX case and that was what I planned on doing next. This case would become a test of not only speed (since I had less than a few months to complete the project) but also my ability to accommodate a client which I felt turned out great in the end.


My client is half Japanese and wanted something similar to Yuugou while also incorporating his family symbol, the Tomoe. Basically, the design is a simplified Yuugou frame with inset panels which are an abstraction of the symbol with a shoji panel and paper behind that to create a very nice contrast and sense of depth.

Nakamura by Greensabbath Intro Nakamura by Greensabbath Intro
Nakamura by Greensabbath Intro Nakamura by Greensabbath Intro
For the front and back panels I chose a neutral, but oh so sleek, black gloss acrylic to make the wood and especially the top panel, the main attraction. I made some initial drawings to help get the proportions right and enable the client to sign off on them.
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