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Written by Wil Harris

September 30, 2005 | 10:10

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Condender 4 - Peltier Beer cooler / Tea warmer

By Mattt
Project Log // Project Log Discussion

This isn't really a computer mod, but it involves a peltier and some fantastic construction work, so it's in here. I've never been one for maths or physics, but it appears that Mattt is a big fan of both - some of the equations presented in the Project Log really addle my brain.

The cooler is built from scratch materials and is designed to transfer heat, either to or away from the top surface, depending on the beverage being held.

The tedious cutting of all the individual fins for the heatsink is worthy of an award all by itself.

Project Logs - You choose the winner! The contenders - Page 2 Project Logs - You choose the winner! The contenders - Page 2

Contender 5 - Coolermaster ATC S4000

By J-Pepper
Project Log // Project Log Discussion

The S4000 is really designed to be a server chassis, but it appears that J-Pepper shares my thoughts, that it can make a freakin' awesome desktop tower case.

J-Pepper immediately gets kudos for using a Top-Gun style missile switch on the back panel. Who doesn't love those? There is also some great watercooling integration, with the mounting of the double-height radiator being especially good.

There's also some good electronics wiring in our favourite colour.

Project Logs - You choose the winner! The contenders - Page 2 Project Logs - You choose the winner! The contenders - Page 2

Picking the winner

Once you think you've worked out which one you like the most, and which one you think deserves to be our winner this month, post over in this thread. We'll keep a running total of votes. Whoever has the most votes by midnight GMT, on Sunday, wins the swag - simple as that.

Next month

Next month, we're going to have this competition back and bigger than ever. We're going to have more prizes, and we're thinking that we'll ask you, the readers, to nominate which logs should make the shortlist. It won't just be about the best Project Log either - it'll be for whichever Log you think is the most deserving of the prize, regardless of the reason. We're also contemplating introducing a few other forums-based goodies, so stay tuned.

Many thanks to ECS for stumping up this month's prize!

In the meantime, get voting!
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