Nerf Gun Modding

Written by Joe Martin

June 30, 2010 | 09:43

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The Best Nerf Paint Jobs

The mods for the Nerf Maverick we’ve shown are, we know, pretty simple. They are intended mainly to provide a quick look at how Nerf guns can be modded and improved in much the same way as PCs. With that in mind, we’ve collected some of the most impressive Nerf mods and paintjobs we’ve been able to find.

Click any of the images below to enlarge and don’t forget that if you’ve got a mod of your own, whether it’s of a Nerf gun or a PC, then you can let us know in the Modding forum. We have a large community of talented modders all over the world creating all sorts of cool mods and detailing how they do so in the Project Log forum.

Nerf Gun Modding The Best Nerf Paint Jobs

Steampunk Maverick


Inspired by some of the other Nerf paintjobs you can see below, this Maverick mod stays close to the original design and keeps the Nerf logo clearly visible despite a more manly bronze and silver finish.

Nerf Gun Modding The Best Nerf Paint Jobs

Steampunk Maverick 2


This second steampunk mod adopts a cleaner, smarter look than some of the others and we especially like the added kill tally on the barrel. This is definitely something we’d keep in our time-travel machines, just in case we ran into monsters who, vulnerable to foam.

Nerf Gun Modding The Best Nerf Paint Jobs

Nerf Sniper Rifle


The author, Meandmunch, calls this the Nerf Longshot Ultimate. We call it ‘Holy hell, I thought that was a real gun!’ Designed to look like a real sniper rifle, this is the gun to break out when you want to make a foam headshot!

Again, it's not something you should really carry around outside.

Nerf Gun Modding The Best Nerf Paint Jobs

Warhammer Boltgun


This Nerf mod is clearly based on the weapons used by the Space Marines in Warhammer 40K and is part of a set that goes with the Warhammer Maverick mod on the next page.

The boltgun's boxy shape and construction can obscure the quality of this mod at first glance, so we recommend taking a closer look at the enlarge image (click the picture to do so). Only then can you see the fake stains and smears on the handwritten tassel stuck to the side of the boltgun stock.

Nerf Gun Modding The Best Nerf Paint Jobs

Transparent Maverick


Ok, so this isn’t just a simple paintjob. In fact, because the author hasn’t provided any documentation on his site that we could find, this could well be an official Nerf model that we just haven’t heard of. Either way, it looks fantastic – though the downside is that your opponents will see how many darts you have left.

Nerf Assault Rifle

Nerf Gun Modding The Best Nerf Paint JobsSource

One of a series of specially made Nerf mods by one person, Direct Threat, this Nerf assault rifle is so well made that it wouldn’t look out of place on a film set.

We can definitely see Ripley squaring off against Alien hordes with one of these!

Nerf Steampunk Sniper Rifle

Nerf Gun Modding The Best Nerf Paint JobsSource

Dubbed the Nerf Longstrike, this steampunk sniper rifle is so detailed it’s unreal and we includes a cool scope and rail for under-barrel attachments.


Flip the page for some more cool Nerf paintjobs.
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