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Written by Wil Harris

May 1, 2005 | 02:45

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So, if you've clicked onto bit-tech this morning, you'll notice that it looks a little different than it has done previously. What gives?

Well, the design that bit-tech has had up until now was coded back in 2001. Frankly, it was looking a little dated, and it didn't enable us to do all the things that we wanted to to keep you guys interested in reading the site.

The new site is divided into a few different sections:


The Hardware tab will take you straight to our Hardware index, where you can find the latest reviews on the newest components - motherboards, graphics cards, you guys know what to expect.


The Modding tab will give you modding projects, project log updates, reviews of cases and modding accessories and the like.


Gaming is a new section for us, and currently has some previews and feature articles, and will have some very cool reviews over the coming weeks - you won't have seen stuff like this before.


Columns is the home to our editorial content...


...whilst News is the index page for all our, surprisingly, news content. We haven't done much by the way of news over the past couple of years, but all that is changing - there will be umpteen new stories on there every day, making sure you stay up to date in the world.


Of course, the Forums tab will take you to our ever-growing discussion forum, where you can check out the latest project logs, get answers to your hardware questions or just chew the fat.


Lastly, Bits is a repository for things that don't quite fit anywhere else - competitions, trade show updates, feature pieces.

The front page, of course, aggregates all this together, making it the first stop for your daily read. Our latest articles and news items across all the sections will be there, so you can see what's new, at a glance.

We also now have RSS feeds to help you stay up to date with new content on bit-tech - see the link at the foot of the page. Not only that, but we finally have a Search function! Huzzah!

The downside of all this is that some of our back-catalogue of content has gotten lost in the transition. We're working hard to get it all back online for you ASAP.

So, we hope you enjoy the new site and continue to come back to bit to check our updates - we will have new, original content for you every single day, so don't miss out!
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