Bit-tech is on the lookout for new writers

Written by Simon Brew

March 2, 2012 | 10:14

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Want To Write For Bit-tech?

We’ve got an assortment of cunning plans for Bit-tech in the months ahead, most of which we have to keep locked in a secret underground bunker for the time being. But one thing we’re very keen to do is to bolster our ranks of fine writers with some new faces.

So this might be the bit where you come in.

Bit-tech is on the lookout for new freelance writing talent. It might be for the odd article, it might be for something more regular. It's flexible, and it's by its nature, part-time too. So if you fancy yourself as a writer of reviews, features, guides, or the occasional off-the-wall piece, then we’re interested in hearing from you.

It’s paid work that we’re offering, although inevitably, there’s only a handful of people we can take on. Please, therefore, accept our apologies in advance if you put your name forward and it doesn’t work out. We appreciate your interest.

Bit-tech is on the lookout for new writers
If you're good enough, you could work with Harry

If you are keen to give this a try, though, then what we need off you is, in the first instance, for you to drop us an e-mail, to tell us a bit about yourself, and then pen us a 500 word test article, on a subject of your choice. That might be a feature, review, news piece, blog post: it doesn’t really matter. Just make sure it’s aimed at the mighty readers of Bit-tech, and in the style of the site. Feel free to tell us some of the things you'd like to write for the site, too, and about your own home computing set-up.

One note: for hardware reviewers, it’ll be a lot, lot easier for you if you’re closer to London. That’s because you’ll need to come into our labs, probably on a Saturday, to do the base testing work. That’ll be under the supervision of our Emperor Of Hardware Reviews, Harry. He has promised to wear trousers rather than shorts for the occasion.

Please send your submission to And then bear with us. It’ll take us a while to work through submissions. But we’ll go as fast as we can!
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