AllofMP3 is not dead yet

Written by Brett Thomas

December 1, 2006 | 14:29

Tags: #allofmp3 #russia

Companies: #riaa

Some days, you get out of bed, go to do your thing, turn on the computer and are greeted with something that just makes you smile. Today is one of those days. Because despite the RIAA's best attempts, AllofMP3 is going nowhere soon.

The discontinuation of Russia's piracy sites, of which AllofMP3 was named specifically, was to be a requirement if the country wished to join the WTO. Unfortunately for the RIAA, the site has some pretty good lawyers - and the results have been interesting, to say the least.

First of all, the site is functioning perfectly under Russian law. It sends 15% of its profits to the Russian Organization for Multimedia and Digital Systems (ROMS), which is the extent of its liability. From there, ROMS will distribute those royalties to the proper artists upon being contacted and given proof of copyright. A copyright holder can also request not to have tracks sold by sending a letter to AllofMP3, which would then take those particular tracks down.

Of course, nobody has bothered to write. At all. AllofMP3 has not heard from any content holders, and ROMS has not received a single request to distribute royalties. In fact, AllofMP3 hasn't heard from anyone, even the regulatory agencies that are supposedly trying so hard to shut it down both in the US and in Russia.

Studios are claiming it's because they don't wish to "legitimise AllofMP3," but I have a different theory. Could it be that people are just too lazy to get their money, since it's not automatically sent to them like it is in America and the UK?

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