Apple and Coca-Cola will give away tunes

Written by Brett Thomas

August 3, 2006 | 15:37

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So often in news and promotions we hear about contests and benefits being given to the US or North America, so it's nice to hear a little about something special that targets northern Europe. Later this summer, Apple and Coca-Cola are going to be bringing free music, free iPods, and some concerts to Europe, primarily the UK and Germany.

The promotional event will last from August through october, starting off with some live shows in the UK, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Currently unsigned bands are encouraged to submit samples of their work to the show organizers at, and winners will be asked to play at the concerts. Submissions will also get other exposure, including being included in podcasts and even being shown on the "Artist Highlights" page of the iTunes store.

In mid-August, you can start looking for promotional codes featured on Coca-cola products that will be good for free downloads on iTunes, up to five per account. Then, starting in September, Apple and Coke will give away one iPod and 50 downloads every hour for 8 weeks straight in Germany (the details are not yet clearly disclosed). Find out more at Coke Music.

The partnership is a nice promotional opportunity for Coke, which failed at its own music offerings last year. Hopefully, it will bring some good shows and good songs to Europe!

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