Apple brings out iTunes 7.0.1

Written by Brett Thomas

September 29, 2006 | 14:32

Tags: #itms #itunes

Companies: #apple

If you're wondering why this is news, I don't blame you - but those who have used iTunes 7.0.0 will likely be happy to tell you. Normally, we wouldn't blink twice over the fact that another version of a piece of software has been released, but iTunes 7 was just such a mixed bag that it's hard not to bring attention to some things being fixed. That's right, Apple has rolled out iTunes 7.0.1, which probably deserves more fanfare than 7.0.0 got.

Many of us who use iTunes were rather excited at the potential features provided by version 7 of the software. More movie downloads, better iPod control, the new "Cover Flow" - the list of improvements was pretty long. Of course, it also introduced disappearing podcasts, crashing firmware upgrades, random play mishaps, and over 120MB of RAM used to play an MP3 (This was tested personally by my friend Hiren, who swore that his memory usage "couldn't be right...").

The problems were not trivial, and Apple has been facing some rather bad press because of it. Apparently, the company has been listening and went right back to the lab to fix them, though - it's not been two weeks since iTunes 7 was released, and it's already been updated to 7.0.1. The patch fixes pretty much all of these, putting iTunes 7 back to what it probably should have been at release.

Have you grabbed 7.0.0 and found yourself a bit disheartened by the issues? Did you pick up 7.0.1 yesterday and find it fixed them? Leave us some of your experiences in our forums.
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