Apple updates Boot Camp again

Written by Brett Thomas

August 16, 2006 | 17:20

Tags: #boot-camp #macbook

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Apple has released its second update to the well-loved Boot Camp program this week. Many users were not too happy with the first update, which was widely considered to do not much of anything, so it seems Apple has listened and pushed through a few new goodies. The product is still in Beta, but has now been changed to v. 1.1.

In the list of fixes:
  • Support for the newly released Macs with Core Duo processors,
  • Ability to install XP to any internal disc,
  • Partitioning presets for making convenient common divisions,
  • iSight camera support,
  • Support for the built-in microphones,
  • Right-clicking by pressing the right apple key on the keyboard while clicking,
  • Support for the delete, num lock, scroll lock, and print screen keys on Apple keyboards.

Some of these things seem like niggle-repairs that should be common sense, but have actually been annoying problems. For instance, if you use the normal Macintosh mouse, you had to install third-party software to enable right-clicking in windows. Also, it could be considered mildly inconvenient to work without a functional 'delete' key, or 'num lock' status.

Other fixes are considerably larger in scope, such as the ability to finally install the Windows OS on a spot other than the second partition of the primary hard drive. However, WinXP users might be a bit curious about how Apple got around that, as sometimes XP won't boot on a normal PC unless it's the primary partition of the primary hard drive (there have been nights of technical frustration when I put the bootable XP drive on the secondary IDE channel). The lack of iSight was also a bigger issue to many people.

So, there you have it. Step on over to Apple's site to grab the update - but be prepared, it weighs in at about 202MB.

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