BitTorrent supremo in hot water?

Written by Jason Cundall

July 1, 2005 | 12:53

Tags: #bram-cohen #piracy

Companies: #bittorrent

In the light of the Grokster ruling earlier this week, BitTorrent developer Bram Cohen is feeling the heat after the discovery of a pro-piracy 'manifesto' - left, rather unwisely - on his website:

BitTorrent programmer Bram Cohen may be in legal jeopardy after the discovery on Wednesday of an old agenda buried on his website saying he creates programs to "commit digital piracy."

The polemic would have been of little interest a week ago. But on Monday, the Supreme Court ruled that the intent behind a file-sharing program can be a decisive factor in determining whether the creator can be sued for its users' copyright infringement.

Cohen said the agenda was written years before he started work on BitTorrent, and that it was written as a parody of other manifestos.

More from Wired here.

Ooops. I have to say it was very careless to leave a statement such as that on your website - even before the US Supreme Court decision. I mean, they've been trying to push torrents as a legitimate way of distributing content and code - and regardless of whether it was a joke or not, I can't see corporate types taking the lighter side of it...

Let us know your thoughts. Will he be OK, or are the suits in Hollywood heating the cauldron up for him as I type? As always, the place to do so is in the news forum.
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