BladeRunner and The Matrix on HD-DVD for 2007

Written by Wil Harris

January 8, 2007 | 14:49

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At the HD-DVD press conference today, there was a lot of optimism for the format. With the lack of PS3 units shipped, Blu-ray competition for the format was minimal last year, and the success of the Xbox 360 DVD drive and the lower-cost Toshiba player gave cause for big smiles all round the room.

However, a showreel of titles to come in 2007 caused some gasps in the room, as we saw some big, big titles on display.

Yes, there was Harry Potter and, yes, Frank Miller's latest epic, 300. But the awesome news was the HD-DVD release of the Matrix Trilogy and sci-fi classic Blade Runner.

Say what you will about the Matrix sequels, the original was absolutely stunning, and many will be dying to own it on HD-DVD. Blade Runner is a cult classic, and its crazy visuals will be perfect for the big screen.

The only question is whether HD will be too good for these discs. We recently watched King Kong in 1080p, and the CGI looked incredibly ropey in super-detail definition. Will the CG in these films manage to stand up to the test, or will both films get a digitally-remastered makeover?

Whatever the case, we're positively salivating here at bit-tech's Las Vegas outpost. More as we get it.

Stay tuned for more CES coverage, and in the mean time, let us know your opinions on The Matrix and Blade Runner over in the forums. Are you positively spooging? We need to know.
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