Can WebFetch out-Google Google?

Written by Wil Harris

March 30, 2007 | 12:17

Tags: #search

Companies: #google

Chances are that 99.9% of all the searching you do on the net is on Google. In fact, some people would go so far as to say that if it's not on Google, it's not on the web.

But that ignores the fact that there are other search engines out there which will return a different set of results. Whilst Google might be the best search engine most of the time, do you know what you're missing out on?

WebFetch aims to be a search aggregator, pulling together the best links from Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask, as well as shopping from Kelkoo. By cross-referencing results from the different engines, WebFetch aims to produce a comprehensive set of links ranked and referenced by authority.

Adding a Web 2.0 spin to the flavour, however, WebFetch can also search online videos and podcasts, enabling you to find your favourites and discover new clips.

A quick WebFetch search for Wil Harris puts some musician chap higher up the ranking than me, which is clearly wrong since I'm obviously the most important Wil Harris in the world. But apart from that, the service works pretty well, and it's interesting to see the difference in results between this and Google. It's actually helped me to find a few little bits of things that I might not have done otherwise.

In an age where Google and Wikipedia can take care of almost all your information finding requirements, it's good to have something a little different to add some variety intot the mix. Check out WebFetch, then let us know our thoughts over in the forums.
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