New Windows for Old PC's

Written by Jason Cundall

May 13, 2005 | 12:27

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Everyone - Big corporations, small businesses and enthusiasts have them. Old PCs. PC's that are too underpowered to run today's operating systems, the OS they do run is insecure and it's uneconomical to upgrade it's hardware. Usually, these machines get junked (or turned into Linux boxes if you're a geek). Redmond has a new version of windows that may offer a third option, which it has codename 'Eiger', according to

Microsoft is developing a new version of Windows aimed at companies that want to better secure their older machines, the company confirmed Thursday.

Code-named Eiger, the product is basically designed to turn older PCs into a thin client, which is a terminal that gets most of its information from a central server. Unlike traditional thin clients, though, a few programs can be run locally, including Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player and antivirus software.

Microsoft is pitching the software at customers who can't or don't want to buy new PCs, but are concerned that their older computers are not secure and hard to manage. In many cases, upgrading those machines to standard Windows XP just isn't an attractive option, even if it is technically possible

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Thin clients, eh? Won't this essentially be another stab at Network Computers, the thin client, brainless terminals that Larry Ellison tried to push in the 90's? And If memory serves, Microsoft tried this once before with NetPC. Businesses didn't go for them then, so why now? And will it appeal to enthusiasts? It seems to be aimed at the business sector anyway, so probably not - but if you're not a penguin head, and fancy a more secure web browser in the kitchen shed room of your choice, it might be worth a look.

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