Europe Strikes Back at iTunes

Written by Glen Chivers

June 12, 2006 | 18:49

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We all know about Microsoft's troubles with the Europe (more specifically the European Union) - but who would have thought that Apple would also take a kicking for abusing the market monopoly on MP3 players?

Music downloaded from Apple's store is currently not playable on players other than the Apple iPod, but this could soon change (within Europe at least) since there are several European countries where Apple are apparently violating consumer rights laws.

BusinessWeek has reported that France, Norway (not in the EU), Denmark and Sweden are making their own separate cases against Apple and its music store.

France and Norway are to take up the case to force Apple to make their songs available to players other than the iPod, and Norway have set a date of 21st June for Apple to make changes or they will be facing the courts. The change will force Apple to open up its DRM to other companies.

Apple had previously threatened to simply withdraw from France when that country previously sought to fight the DRM scheme.

If there are enough complaints within the EU, the case may be taken up by the European Court of Justice, the same court that decided on Microsoft's practices.

Should music lovers be rejoicing? Or will this lead to fears of increased song prices? Discuss in the forums.
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