FBI Spearheads global anti piracy raids

Written by Jason Cundall

July 1, 2005 | 12:31

Tags: #fbi #warez

RiSCISO, Goodfellaz, Hoodlum, Wasted Time, Paranoid, Corrupt, AdmitONE and Hellbound where just some of the warez groups targeted by the FBI and law enforcement agencies around the globe in recent raids aimed at stopping internet piracy:

Suspected internet pirates in 11 countries have been raided in a global operation against illegal distributors of movies, games and software.

Led by the FBI, the search and seizure operation netted copyrighted material worth $50m and led to seven arrests.

Eight servers used to distribute the pirated goods to net users and file-sharing networks were shut down.

Pirated films on offer via the pirate networks included Revenge of the Sith, said US Justice Department officials.

More from the BBC here.

A big operation, which has netted some big 'collars'. But will it make a difference? It's been said many times before, but the net is a very big place - and as soon as you shut down one site, many more are willing to take its place.

For sure, they'll grab the bigger, better known players - but it'll just cause others to run silent and deep. What do you think? Discuss (or Parlay, if you're in a pirate frame of mind) to your hearts content in the news forum.
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