Research: File-sharers big legal download spenders.

Written by Jason Cundall

July 27, 2005 | 13:37

Tags: #bpi #p2p

File-sharers who both download and make their music available via P2P systems are likely to spend more money on legally obtained music than those who don't, according to new research:

People who illegally share music files online are also big spenders on legal music downloads, research suggests.

Digital music research firm The Leading Question found that they spent four and a half times more on paid-for music downloads than average fans.

Rather than taking legal action against down loaders, the music industry needs to entice them to use legal alternatives, the report said.

According to the music industry, legal downloads have tripled during 2005.

In the first half of 2005, some 10 million songs have been legally downloaded.

More from the BBC here.

Why is this? Is it because down-loaders are listening to stuff illegally, finding something they like and the legally acquiring it, as some have alluded to in the past? Let us know your thoughts on the matter in the news forums here.
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