Google launches spreadsheet

Written by Glen Chivers

June 6, 2006 | 15:11

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It's only going to be a matter of time before Microsoft are going to be really annoyed with Google! You've guessed it - Google has released yet another rival product to Microsoft and this time it is Google Spreadsheet, an online programme to rival Excel.

For the time being, Google is only releasing Spreadsheet to a limited number of people on a 'first come first served' basis, although we suspect that it will be available to the general public eventually (along with some other interesting stuff, a database and word processor come to mind).

So what can we expect from Google Spreadsheet? Well there will be the usual columns and fields and the ability to add formulas and format cells will be available. Whilst we don't expect Google Spreadsheet to be as intensive and math-heavy as Microsoft Excel, there will be the added options, such as the ability for two or more people to edit the spreadsheet in real-time.

Google hopes that its stripped-down version will still do the vast majority of what people need, since many people only use the very simple bits of Word or Excel without ever digging into more advanced features.

You will also be able to save spreadsheets into CSV or XLS format, which will allow compatibility with other spreadsheet software out there. Likewise you will be able to load these files into Google Spreadsheets.

Will you be sticking with Microsoft Excel/Open Office or switching to Google Spreadsheet? Have you had a chance to try out the new software, and do you think Google is really going after Microsoft's market? Let us know over in the forums.
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